Sharkey County
Most Agencies have migrated to MSWIN
RED indicates Encryption
Sharkey County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
  Rolling Fork
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Local Government 45.20000 FM NFM
Aviation Nick's Flying Service (04MS) Frequency Tone Mode
04MS Unicom 122.80000 CSQ AM
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
Albert Mahalitc Farms 463.23750   NFM
Ayres-Delta Implement 451.50000   NFM
Ayres-Delta Implement 452.38750   NFM
Ayres-Delta Implement 451.88750   NFM
Ayres-Delta Implement 451.92500   NFM
Baconia Plantation 49.56000   FM
Bruton Farms 159.82500   NFM
B & C Farms 451.82500   NFM
Delta City Planting Co 461.96250   NFM
Durst & Durst 461.83750   NFM
Hollis Farms 451.72500   NFM
Howle Planting Co 466.58750   NFM
Magnolia Grain 451.87500   NFM
George Mahaliltic 452.07500   NFM
Mississippi Ag Co 463.77500   NFM
Mont Helena Associates 463.73750   NFM
Moore Company 464.63750   DMR
Twin County Electric Power Association 153.47000   NFM
Twin County Electric Power Association 153.48500   NFM
Higher Education
Higher Education Higher Education Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Hospital Simpson Co General Hospital Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.23500   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
Cooperative Energy 400MHz   NFM
Entergy Services  800MHz   Phase II
Leflore Communications 400MHz   NFM
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
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