Noxubee County
All Agencies are migrating to the Noxubee TRS
RED indicates Encryption
Noxubee County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Sheriff 155.71500   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire Dispatch 155.02500   NFM
EMS 155.34000   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Public Works 855.23750   NFM
Public Works 855.73750   NFM
Interop 851.01250   NFM
Interop 851.51250   NFM
Interop 852.01250   NFM
Interop 852.51250   NFM
Interop 853.01250   NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Police 155.07750   DMR
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire 155.25750   DMR
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Public Works 154.10000   NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Police 45.22000   FM
Police 45.44600   FM
Aviation Macon Municipal (20M) Frequency Tone Mode
20M Unicom 122.70000 CSQ AM
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
Allcomm Wireless 462.07500   DMR
Arlo Johnson 159.66000   NFM
Bradley Koehn 151.85000   NFM
Bradley Koehn 159.82500   NFM
David Johnson 159.94500   NFM
David Johnson 160.18500   NFM
Gerald Classen 159.91500   DMR
Gerald Classen 160.03500   DMR
Gerald Classen 160.08000   DMR
Gerald Classen 160.11000   DMR
Gerald Classen 160.17000   DMR
Graig Seller 160.05000   NFM
H & R Agri-Power 151.49750   NFM
H & R Agri-Power 464.91250   NFM
Jack Huerkamp 152.27000   NFM
Joe Johnson 150.90500   NFM
John Huerkamp 464.82500   NFM
Kendall Jost 154.49000   DMR
Kenneth Koehn 451.95000   DMR
Kevin Shirk 151.67000   NFM
Larry Giesbrecht 160.20000   NFM
Lockheed Martin Corp 463.36250   NFM
Lockheed Martin Corp 463.86250   NFM
Lockheed Martin Corp 463.91250   NFM
Lockheed Martin Corp 463.93750   NFM
Lynn Seller 151.92500   NFM
Lynn Seller 153.15500   NFM
Lynn Seller 153.24500   NFM
Nathan Geisbrecht 152.37500   DMR
Nolan Friesen 160.09500   NFM
Norman Koehn 151.71500   DMR
Norman Koehn 461.12500   DMR
Noxubee Co Producers 151.77500   NFM
Noxubee Co Producers 160.15500   NFM
Paul Graber 159.49500   NFM
Paul Unruh 151.55000   NFM
Peco Foods 451.31250   DMR
Peco Foods 451.71250   DMR
Peco Foods 452.11250   DMR
Peco Foods 452.23750   DMR
Peco Foods 456.31250   DMR
Peco Foods 456.71250   DMR
Randal Hiebert 152.93000   NFM
Randal Hiebert 157.68000   NFM
Rodney McGill 151.79000   NFM
Ronald Gearig 159.55500   NFM
Ronald Gearig 159.69000   NFM
Ronald Gearig 159.79500   NFM
Shirk Farms 159.99000   NFM
Shirk Farms 160.14000   NFM
Steve Koehn 151.58000   NFM
Steve Koehn 152.93000   NFM
Steve Koehn 152.96000   NFM
Steve Koehn 153.02000   NFM
Steve Koehn 160.03500   NFM
Wilbert Koehn 154.54000   DMR
Higher Education
Higher Education Higher Education Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Hospital Noxubee General Hospital Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.20500   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
Noxubee County 800MHz 00A P25
Last Updated: 4/5/2020
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