Lowndes County
Some Agencies have migrated to MSWIN
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Lowndes County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 460.25000 565 DCS NFM
Sheriff 458.76250   NFM
Sheriff 460.05000   DMR
Sheriff 460.26250   DMR
TAC 460.02500   DMR
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire 155.16000   NFM
Fire/EMS Dispatch 154.20500 186.2 PL NFM
Fireground 1 153.77000   NFM
Fireground 2 154.13000   NFM
Fireground 3 154.25000 100.0 PL NFM
EMS 462.95000 131.8 PL NFM
EMS 463.10000 131.8 PL NFM
Rescue TAC 155.23500 233.6 PL NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Council on Aging 154.51500   NFM
DOT 45.22000   NFM
DOT 153.90500   NFM
DOT 158.83500   NFM
EMA 151.28000   NFM
EMA 157.45000   Paging
Industrial Development Auth. 451.06250   Data
Water Department 452.01250   Data
Water Department 457.01250   Data
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 460.50000 654 DCS NFM
TAC 460.45000 654 DCS NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
BOE 461.82500 100.0 PL NFM
BOE School Bus 152.39000   NFM
E911 453.35000   NFM
E911 453.82500   NFM
Housing Authority 453.47500   NFM
Local Government 155.13000   NFM
Local Government 155.49000   NFM
Local Government 956.25625   MW
Public Utilities 153.53750   NFM
Public Utilities 451.12500   Data
Public Utilities 451.65000   Data
Public Utilities 928.36875   MW
Public Utilities 952.36875   MW
Aviation Columbus AFB (KCBM) Frequency Tone Mode
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 126.07500 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 132.02500 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 133.25000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 134.55000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 135.60000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 239.25000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 263.15000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 307.80000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 323.27500 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Columbus) 350.30000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Memphis) 121.07500 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Memphis) 291.65000 CSQ AM
KCBM Approach (Memphis) 317.50000 CSQ AM
KCBM ATIS 115.20000 CSQ AM
KCBM ATIS 273.50000 CSQ AM
KCBM Clearance 269.55000 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Columbus) 132.02500 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Columbus) 134.55000 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Columbus) 263.15000 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Columbus) 350.30000 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Memphis) 135.60000 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Memphis) 291.65000 CSQ AM
KCBM Departure (Memphis) 323.27500 CSQ AM
KCBM Dispatcher 376.00000 CSQ AM
KCBM GCA 120.40000 CSQ AM
KCBM Ground 121.90000 CSQ AM
KCBM Ground 275.80000 CSQ AM
KCBM Ops 291.65000 CSQ AM
KCBM PMSV Metro 354.60000 CSQ AM
KCBM PTD 376.00000 CSQ AM
KCBM Snake Control 272.00000 CSQ AM
KCBM SOF 252.10000 CSQ AM
KCBM Supv of Flying 252.00000 CSQ AM
KCBM Supv of Flying 390.15000 CSQ AM
KCBM Tower 126.65000 CSQ AM
KCBM Tower 379.92500 CSQ AM
KCBM Tweet Ops 369.00000 CSQ AM
Columbus-Lowndes Co (KUBS) Frequency Tone Mode
KUBS Approach/Departure 127.10000 CSQ AM
KUBS Approach/Departure 135.60000 CSQ AM
KUBS Approach/Departure 269.40000 CSQ AM
KUBS Unicom 122.80000 CSQ AM
Golden Triangle (KGTR) Frequency Tone Mode
KGTR Approach/Departure 127.10000 CSQ AM
KGTR Approach/Departure 135.60000 CSQ AM
KGTR Approach/Departure 269.40000 CSQ AM
KGTR ASRI 129.00000 CSQ AM
KGTR ASRI 130.85000 CSQ AM
KGTR ASRI 131.55000 CSQ AM
KGTR ASRI 136.97500 CSQ AM
KGTR ATIS/WX AWOS-3PT Feed 453.06250   NFM
KGTR Clearance 126.25000 CSQ AM
KGTR Clearance 135.37500 CSQ AM
KGTR Clearance 322.47500 CSQ AM
KGTR Ground 135.37500 CSQ AM
KGTR Ground 322.47500 CSQ AM
KGTR Operations 453.17500   NFM
KGTR Operations 453.28750   NFM
KGTR Operations 453.31250   NFM
KGTR Operations 453.78750   NFM
KGTR Operations 854.81250   NFM
KGTR Operations 857.76250   NFM
KGTR Operations 858.26250   NFM
KGTR Tower 118.20000 CSQ AM
KGTR Tower 298.87500 CSQ AM
KGTR Unicom 122.95000 CSQ AM
Higher Education
Higher Education East Mississippi Community College Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 159.57000   NFM
Operations 159.58500   NFM
Operations 159.97500   NFM
MS School Math & Science Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 464.95000 100.0 PL NFM
Operations 452.18750   NFM
Operations 456.56250   NFM
Operations 457.76250   NFM
Operations 457.81250   NFM
Operations 457.98750   NFM
Mississippi University for Women Frequency Mode/Tone Mode
Clock 72.22000   Data
Clock 72.30000   Data
Operations 155.59500 100.0 PL NFM
Hospital Baptist Memorial Hospital Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 460.11250   DMR
Mississippi Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
AllComm Wireless 400MHz   LTR
Columbus Light & Water 800MHz   EDACS
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
Steel Dynamics 400MHz   NXDN
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