Leflore County
Most Agencies have migrated to MSWIN
RED indicates Encryption
Leflore County
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
MedSTAT EMS 152.40500 136.5 PL NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.85750 100.0 PL NFM
Police 155.25000   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire Dispatch 154.23500 118.8 PL NFM
Fire 154.37000   NFM
Fire 154.43000   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
BOE Operations 152.30000   NFM
Housing Authority 453.77500   NFM
Public Works 155.76000   NFM
Public Works 155.88000   NFM
Water Department 160.03500   NFM
Aviation Airport   Tone Mode
No FAA/FCC Data      
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
America's Catch Catfish Famrs 151.59500   NFM
AMS Spectrum 157.74000   Paging
Ayres Delta Implementation 451.77500   NFM
Ayres Delta Implementation 463.20000   NFM
Bledsoe Plantation 154.49000   NFM
Delta Electric Power Assn. 153.45500   NFM
Delta Electric Power Assn. 158.16000   NFM
Delta Electric Power Assn. 158.20500   NFM
Delta Electric Power Assn. 158.23500   NFM
Delta Electric Power Assn. 456.03750   NFM
Delta Telepage 152.48000   Paging
Delta Telepage 157.74000   Paging
E LeFlore Water & Sewer District 456.93750   NFM
Farmers Grain Terminal 451.87500   NFM
Gary Makamson 463.40000   NFM
Hard Cash Planting 462.35000   NFM
Helena Agri-Enterprises 31.84000   NFM
JCPenney 461.58750   NFM
JCPenney 461.71250   NFM
JCPenney 461.83750   NFM
JCPenney 466.96250   NFM
JCPenney 467.22500   NFM
LeFlore Communications 151.67000   NFM
LeFlore Communications 152.31500   NFM
LeFlore Communications 152.40500   NFM
LeFlore Communications 152.87000   NFM
LeFlore Communications 153.09500   NFM
LeFlore Communications 153.33500   NFM
LeFlore Communications 462.08750   NFM
LeFlore Communications 462.87500   Paging
LeFlore Communications 462.90000   Paging
LeFlore Communications 462.92500   Paging
M C Tillman 463.32500   NFM
Mid Valley Pipeline Co 158.43000   NFM
Mississippi Ag Co 464.67500   NFM
New Hope Farms 452.02500   NFM
Omnisource Southwest 451.38750   DMR
Omnisource Southwest 452.48750   DMR
Omnisource Southwest 452.68750   DMR
Omnisource Southwest 456.38750   DMR
Omnisource Southwest 457.68750   DMR
O'Reilly Automotive 464.05000   NFM
W P Brown Jr Farm 152.96000   NFM
Wade Inc 452.65000   NFM
Wade Inc 452.70000   NFM
Wade Inc 452.88750   NFM
Walter Pillow Farms 464.95000   NFM
WGNG/WGNL 450.05313   NFM
WGNG/WGNL 450.21250   NFM
WGNG/WGNL 455.01000   NFM
WGRM-AM 153.11000   NFM
Higher Education
Higher Education MS Valley State University Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 154.51500   NFM
Hospital Greenwood-LeFlore Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
EMS-Hospital 155.34000   NFM
Operations 462.03750   NFM
Operations 463.53750   NFM
Operations 464.93750   NFM
U of Mississippi Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.93250   NFM
Operations 158.78250   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
Cooperative Energy 400MHz   NFM
Entergy Services 800MHz 64F Phase II
Leflore Communications 400MHz   LTR
Modern Communications 800MHz   NFM
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
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