Forrest County
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Forrest County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Detention Center 155.10000 110.9 PL NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
AAA Ambulance 154.84500   NFM
AAA Ambulance 155.23500 186.2 PL NFM
AAA Ambulance 155.64750   NFM
AAA Ambulance Car 2 Car 155.28000 186.2 PL NFM
AAA Ambulance Dispatch 154.27250 612 DCS NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Emergency Management 45.92000   FM
Emergency Management 46.00000   FM
Emergency Management 155.17500   NFM
Emergency Management 155.96250   NFM
Emergency Management 155.96250   NFM
Emergency Management 854.56250   NFM
Emergency Management 856.28750   NFM
Emergency Management Paging 154.96500   NFM
Public Works 453.36250   NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
MDT 854.13750   Data
MDT 854.88750   Data
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
BOE 152.37500   NFM
Water Department 158.42250   Data
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
BOE 153.35750   DMR
BOE 157.56000 226 DCS NFM
BOE 157.57500   DMR
BOE 157.60500   DMR
BOE Petal Primary School (Private) 152.33000   NFM
Aviation Forrest General Hosp (MS81) Frequency Tone Mode
MS81 Helipad 123.05000 CSQ AM
Hagler Army Heliport (KSLJ) Frequency Tone Mode
KSLJ Approach/Departure 126.80000 CSQ AM
KSLJ Approach/Departure 327.80000 CSQ AM
KSLJ Tower 38.70000 CSQ FM
KSLJ Tower 126.20000 CSQ AM
KSLJ Tower 241.00000 CSQ AM
Hattiesburg Airport (KHBG) Frequency Tone Mode
KHBG Unicom 122.80000 CSQ AM
KHBG ASOS 135.42500 CSQ AM
Higher Education
Higher Education University of Southern MS Frequency Tone Mode
McClesky Hall 151.74500   NFM
Operations 72.14000   Paging
Physical Plant 151.07000 464 DCS NFM
Wilbur Hall 153.02000 464 DCS NFM
William Carey University Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 451.38750   NFM
Operations 451.73750   NFM
Operations 453.01250   NFM
Hospital Forest General Hospital Frequency Tone Mode
Wheelchair Vans 155.16000 186.2 PL NFM
Operations 152.00750   Paging
EMS-Hospital 155.34000   NFM
Operations 462.77500   Paging
U of MS Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.93250   NFM
Operations 158.78250   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
Dixie Electric Power Association 150MHz   NFM
Enterprise Products 400MHz   DMR
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
The Emergency Management District  800MHz   Phase II
Last Updated: 4/5/2020
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