Coahoma County
Some Agencies have migrated to MSWIN
RED indicates Encryption
Coahoma County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.62500   NFM
Sheriff 155.55000   NFM
Car 2 Car 153.75500   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Countywide Dispatch 154.37000 82.5 PL NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
BOE Early College HS 469.75000   DMR
BOE Early College HS 469.77500   DMR
BOE Early College HS 469.81250   DMR
BOE Early College HS 469.83750   DMR
BOE Early College HS 469.85000   DMR
Public Works 156.11250   NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.01000   NFM
Operations 155.49000   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 151.07000   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Local Government 453.37500   NFM
Local Government 458.37500   NFM
Public Utilities 155.92500   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Public Safety 154.24250   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Local Government 462.28750   NFM
Aviation Fletcher Field (KCKM) Frequency Tone Mode
KCKM Approach/Departure 135.30000 CSQ AM
KCKM Approach/Departure 335.80000 CSQ AM
KCKM Unicom 122.80000 CSQ AM
KCKM WX AWOS-3 120.67500 CSQ AM
KCKM WX AWOS-3 Feed 453.06250   NFM
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
Alan Byrd 857.08750   NFM
AMS Spectrum 157.74000   Paging
Antici Farms 151.97000   NFM
Antici Farms 159.54000   NFM
Antici Farms 159.60000   NFM
Antici Farms 159.82500   NFM
Antici Farms 159.84000   NFM
Berryhill Brothers Planting 159.66000   DMR
Berryhill Brothers Planting 160.18500   DMR
Cable One 462.00000   NFM
Campbell Brothers Farms 157.57500   NFM
Charles Koehn 159.84000   NFM
Charles Koehn 159.87000   NFM
Clarksdale Country Club 451.23750   NFM
Clarksdale Country Club 451.36250   NFM
Clarksdale Country Club 462.51250   NFM
Clarksdale Country Club 467.51270   NFM
Cooperative Energy 464.95000   NFM
Dale Schmit 152.45000   NFM
Delta Positions 158.22000   NFM
Donald & Roy Tackett Farm 151.71500   NFM
Donovan Koehn 159.69000   NFM
Evan Giesbrecht 160.14000   NFM
Ferri and Ferri Farms 451.78750   NFM
Francisco Molina 151.91000   NFM
Galen Holdeman 151.83500   NFM
Galen Holdeman 154.51500   NFM
Graves AG Inc 159.97500   NFM
H & J Farms 152.96750   NFM
Harry Flowers 463.40000   NFM
Henry Shetler 158.37000   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 461.12500   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 461.52500   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 461.65000   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 461.97500   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 462.12500   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 463.37500   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 463.75000   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 463.97500   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 464.80000   NFM
Jason Schmidt 154.54000   NFM
Joe Noe 151.86500   NFM
John Agostinelli 464.97500   NFM
John Laney 160.02000   NFM
John Schmidt 152.27500   NFM
Justin Dulaney 160.12500   NFM
Keith Freeman 151.73000   NFM
LeFlore Communications 462.87500   Paging
LeFlore Communications 462.90000   Paging
LeFlore Communications 462.92500   Paging
marcham 158.41500   NFM
Massey Planting Co 159.49500   NFM
Michael Swindell 463.82500   NFM
Modern Communications 152.48000   Paging
Modern Communications 157.74000   Paging
Nature's Catch 159.63750   NFM
Nutrien AG Solutions 159.61500   NFM
O'Reilly Automotive 451.82500   NXDN
Randy Gable 159.85500   NFM
Ratzlaff Farms 157.68000   NFM
Richard Noe 159.93000   NFM
Richard Schmidt 159.51000   NFM
Roger Johnson 462.10000   NFM
SafTCart 464.81250   DMR
SafTCart 464.86250   DMR
SafTCart 464.91250   DMR
SafTCart 464.97500   DMR
SafTCart 469.91250   DMR
Scoular Co 154.50500   NFM
Scoular Co 159.67500   NFM
Scoular Co 159.70500   NFM
Scoular Co 159.87000   NFM
Scoular Co 160.00500   NFM
Seward and Son Planting Co 451.40000   NFM
Shannon Agricultural Flying 152.99000   NFM
Stovall Farms 151.52000   NFM
Texas Gas Transmission 48.90000   NFM
Texas Gas Transmission 928.03125   MW
Texas Gas Transmission 952.04375   MW
Thomas Neblett 153.01250   NFM
Tripp Hayes 154.50500   NFM
Tripp Hayes 158.34000   NFM
Tripp Hayes 159.82500   NFM
Tripp Hayes 159.91500   NFM
Tripp Hayes 160.00500   NFM
Unruh Farms 159.72750   NFM
Wade Inc 461.35000   NFM
Waste Management 452.37500   NFM
Will Owen 151.52000   NFM
Woods Security 151.60250   NFM
Yazoo MS Delta Levee District 151.41500   NXDN
Higher Education
Higher Education Coahoma Community College  Frequency Tone Mode
Police Dispatch 155.59500   DMR
Operations 154.10000   DMR
Operations 155.49000   DMR
Hospital NW MS Regional MC Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 152.00750   Paging
Operations 155.26500   NFM
U of Mississippi Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.93250   NFM
Operations 158.78250   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
Modern Communications 800MHz   NFM
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
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