Benton County
Some Agencies have migrated to MSWIN
RED indicates Encryption
Benton County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.77500 241.8 PL NFM
Sheriff 45.22000   NFM
Sheriff 45.94000   NFM
Sheriff 45.74000   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Snow Lake Fire District 151.95500   NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.88000 210.7 PL NFM
Aviation Airport Frequency Tone Mode
No FAA/FCC Records      
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
Doug Bunt Farm 451.17500   NFM
El Paso-Tennessee Gas Pipeline 928.16875   MW
El Paso-Tennessee Gas Pipeline 952.16875   MW
Ormon Farms 158.34000   NFM
Ormon Farms 160.03500   NFM
Robbins Farms 152.94500        
Robbins Farms 154.54750        
Robbins Farms 159.78000
Higher Education
Higher Education Higher Education Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Hospital Hospital Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
MSWIN 700MHz 2AD Phase II
Last Updated: 3/29/2020
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