Alcorn County
Agencies are Migrating to MSWIN
All Frequencies are Conventional Analog/Digital Mode
RED indicates Encryption
Alcorn County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Regional Correctional Facility 453.08750   NFM
Regional Correctional Facility 458.08750   NFM
Search & Rescue 155.65500   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire Department 154.10000 156.7 PL NFM
Magnolia Hosp EMS 152.96000 156.7 PL NFM
VFD Dispatch 154.43000 186.2 PL NFM
VFD Fireground 150.80500   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Public Works 154.04750   NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.56500 131.8 PL NFM
TAC 155.41500   NFM
TAC 155.49000   NFM
TAC 155.73000   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire Dispatch 159.01500   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Local Government 956.30625   MW
Public Works 453.55000 85.4 PL NFM
Streets 155.61000   NFM
Water Dept 154.47875 Data NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
VFD 154.34000   NFM
Aviation Roscoe Turner Airport (KCRX) Frequency Tone Mode
KCRX Approach/Departure 135.90000 CSQ AM
KCRX Approach/Departure 273.55000 CSQ AM
KCRX Unicom 122.80000 CSQ AM
KCRX WX AWOS-3PT Feed 453.47500 Data NFM
Business Business Frequency Tone Mode
Air Evac 160.14000 023 DCS 023 DCS
Air Evac 173.22500   NFM
Alcorn Co Electric Power Assoc. 158.16000   NFM
Alcorn Co Electric Power Assoc. 158.26500   NFM
American Midstream 452.05000   NFM
American Midstream 854.86250   NFM
AMS Spectrum 75.76000 Paging Paging
AMS Spectrum 152.63000 Paging Paging
AMS Spectrum 157.74000 Paging Paging
B & B Concrete 151.86500   NFM
Caterpillar 462.27500   NFM
Caterpillar 462.32500   NFM
Caterpillar 464.42500   NFM
Caterpillar 467.21250   NFM
Caterpillar 467.22500   NFM
Cell Page 462.80000 Paging Paging
Circle C Farms 451.50000   NFM
Columbia Gas Transmission 48.72000   FM
Columbia Gas Transmission 451.60000   DMR
Concrete Industries 153.26500   NFM
Developmental Industries 159.54000   NFM
JCPenney 461.58750   NFM
JCPenney 461.71250   NFM
JCPenney 461.83750   NFM
JCPenney 466.96250   NFM
JCPenney 467.22500   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 451.42500   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 452.07500   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 452.75000   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.08750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.11250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.13750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.75000   Data
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.86250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.93750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.96250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 461.98750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 462.03750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 462.06250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 462.08750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 463.21250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 463.26250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 463.28750   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 463.35000   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 463.40000   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 463.46250   Data
Kimberly Clark Corp 464.21250   Mixed
Kimberly Clark Corp 464.26250   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 464.92500   NFM
Kimberly Clark Corp 464.96250   Data
Kossuth Water Assn. 451.37500   Data
Natalie Myers 858.18750   NFM
NE MS Community Services 151.48250   NFM
Roland Collins 857.08750   NFM
SMC Recycling 154.51500   NFM
TeleSouth Communications 160.64000   NFM
Waste Management 461.95000   NFM
William Bullard 461.85000   NFM
William Bullard 462.00000   NFM
WWMR/WADI 161.70000   NFM
Higher Education
Higher Education Higher Education Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Hospital Magnolia Regional Health Ctr Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 151.65500   NFM
Operations 153.02000   NFM
Operations 153.39500   NFM
Operations 153.02000   NFM
Operations 154.51500   NFM
Operations 157.51500   NFM
EMS 152.96000 156.7 PL NFM
University of MS Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
EMS-Hosp 155.93520   NFM
EMS-Hosp 158.78250   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS Usage Frequency SysID Mode
No FCC Records      
Last Updated: 5/11/2020