Adams County
All Frequencies are Conventional Analog/Digital Mode
RED indicates Encryption
Adams County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Correctional Center 461.47500 CC1/SL 1 DMR
Correctional Center 464.60000   DMR
Dispatch 453.47500   NFM
Juvenile Detention Center 154.02500   NFM
Operations 1 154.04750 CC1/SL 1 DMR
Operations 2 154.04750 CC1/SL 2 DMR
Public Safety 453.26250   NFM
Public Safety 453.41250   NFM
Public Safety 453.51250   NFM
Public Safety 453.61250   NFM
Public Safety 453.73750   NFM
Public Safety 453.76250   NFM
Sheriff 154.04750   DMR
Sheriff 154.74000   DMR
Sheriff 155.67750   DMR
Sheriff 460.62500   DMR
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire VHF 155.04000   NFM
Fire UHF 453.67500   NFM
AMR EMS 155.32500 412 DCS NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Civil Defense 45.92000   NFM
Civil Defense 45.96000   NFM
Local Government 45.14000   NFM
Local Government 45.22000   NFM
Local Government 45.26000   NFM
Water Department 152.37500   NFM
Water Department 217.22500   Data
Water Department 451.03750   Data
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
BOE School Bus 452.70000 466 DCS NFM
Water Department 451.35000   Data
Water Department 928.44375 MW Data
Water Department 952.44375 MW Data
Aviation Hardy-Anders Field (KHEZ) Frequency Tone Mode
KHEZ Approach/Departure 120.97500 CSQ AM
KHEZ Approach/Departure 299.60000 CSQ AM
KHEZ Unicom 122.80000 CSQ AM
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
Adams Communications Service 151.95500   DMR
Adams Communications Service 452.82500   DMR
Adams Communications Service 461.27500   DMR
Adams Communications Service 461.45000   DMR
Adams Communications Service 462.02500   DMR
Adams Communications Service 462.15000   DMR
Adams Communications Service 463.25000   DMR
Adams Communications Service 463.35000   DMR
AirEvac Lifeteam 153.32000 226 DCS NFM
American Midstream Partners 453.52500   NFM
AMS Spectrum 157.74000   Paging
Beau Pre Golf Course 452.52500   NFM
Belle Oil Inc 158.32500   NFM
Cable One 151.65500   NFM
Delaney R W Construction 47.48000   NFM
Delaney R W Construction 452.15000   NFM
Genesis Energy 451.90000   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 461.31250   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 461.61250   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 463.90000   NFM
Isle of Capri Casino 464.47500   NFM
J M Jones Lumber Co 153.26000   NFM
JCPenney 461.58750   NFM
JCPenney 461.71250   NFM
JCPenney 461.83750   NFM
JCPenney 466.96250   NFM
JCPenney 467.22500   NFM
L D Garner Farms 152.28500   NFM
L D Garner Farms 157.54500   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 451.30000   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 451.51250   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 451.58750   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 451.61250   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 451.76250   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 452.83750   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 456.51250   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 456.58750   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 456.61250   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 456.76250   NFM
Magnolia Bluffs Casino 457.83750   NFM
Par Co Drilling 153.50000   NFM
Par Co Drilling 158.16000   NFM
Tower Communications 48.64000   NFM
Tower Communications 49.38000   NFM
Tower Communications 460.87500   NFM
Tower Communications 461.07500   NFM
Tower Communications 463.77500   NFM
Vidalia Dock Sturage 43.28000   NFM
von Drehle Corp 452.25000   DMR
von Drehle Corp 464.97500   NFM
Waste Management 461.25000   NFM
Higher Education
Higher Education Copiah-Lincoln Comm College Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 160.06500   NFM
Hospital Merit Health Natchez Frequency Tone Mode
Clock 72.10000   Data
EMS-Hospital 155.23500   NFM
Operations 458.72500   NFM
U of Miss Medical Center Frequency Tone Mode
Operations 155.93250   NFM
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency Sys ID Mode
Adams County 400MHz   NFM
Entergy Services 800MHz 64F Phase II
Tower Communications 400MHz   DMR
Last Updated: 2/13/2020