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ScanMississippi is your most complete scanner radio frequencies website for your needs for all radio users in the State of Mississippi!
This website is for the user.
  There is no registration needed and best yet, no advertising.
You come here to get data, not to get bombed with ads you don't want to see and especially to be tracked by annoying cookies!!!

ScanMississippi uses data directly from the FCC Website.  Items such as Talk Groups, Tones, Frequency Identification, Usage
and others come directly from listeners, not people guessing.  Unlicensed frequencies are not listed here.

ScanMississippi does not believe in telling you what you can or cannot listen to, what type equipment you want to use or even
if your equipment looks nice or not.  We do not judge you on your level of expertise or lack there of.
We were all beginners once and we also have budget restraints!

Please feel free to look around ScanMississippi and get what data you need. If you are into social media,
you can find ScanMississippi on Facebook!  If you would like a weekly FCC update for Mississippi,
join the ScanMississippi .io groups!  Any data you would like to share, feel free to click on the "Contact" icon and send it to us.

Lastly, I need your help.  I depend on you!  If you are in an area that I don't have much info on,
please use what I have posted and see what you can come up with!



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Last Updated 11/22/2020

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